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Name:Rarelit Big Thing
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Community description:Rarelit Big ... Thing

This challenge will not begin signups until January of 2013. Sign-up posts and links to sign-up posts will go up at that time.

Welcome to the Rarelit Big ...Thing! Like a Big Bang, but for everyone equally (art, fic, podfic).

How the Rarelit Big ... Thing will work:

By Midnight CST on January 31, 2012, you must sign up to create:
  • a story of at least 10,000 words, or
  • a podfic of at least 10,000 words, or
  • a series of at least three related artworks in the same fandom and
  • indicate which fandom you are writing/arting/reading in.
You may:
  • Sign up more than once
  • Co-create
  • Create a crossover/fusion (as long as your book-based fandom is primary)
  • Create for a fandom which was initiated by a book but has subsequently had screen-based media made of it, as long as you base your story on the book canon
  • Create for a fandom that has multiple sources (King Arthur, Robin Hood, fairy tales, the Bible), as long as you are familiar with and grounded in specific version(s)
  • Podfic a story of over 10,000 words in a rare book-based fandom
You may not:
  • Create for a fandom that is not based on a play, a poem, or a book
  • Create in the Harry Potter fandom
  • Miss the deadlines and still participate in the challenge
Full rough drafts (in other words, not betaed/edited, but the complete word count) will be due on April 1 to allow for beta time.

Nota bene: There are no "extras" for this challenge. Matching people for rare source is too difficult for me to take on, and I don't want to give primacy to any one type of creative work.

Stories will go live May 1, 2013

As you may already know, one of the most frustrating things about writing fanfiction for small, lit-based fandoms is that there is usually a small audience for it. So there are two unique aspects to this Big ... Thing challenge.

I hate a spammy community like burning. At the same time, I think checking in with one another will be an important and motivating part of this. So each week of the challenge, I'll be posting a single post to ask everyone about word count, how they're doing, etc. Our volunteer cheerleaders will read the post each week and encourage the authors. I'd also like to ask the cheerleaders to help pimp the community during signup and once stories are posted, and try to read at least one story by an author they're not familiar with in a fandom they don't know, so that even the tiniest of fandoms get readers.

These posts will be a fun place to post teaser snippets, link to pimping posts, encourage one another, and squee. Which brings me to my next point:

We'll collate links to pimping posts for all the sources being written in the community user info. If there's no pimping post currently available for your source, feel free to create one! I know I'll probably end up reading some source I wasn't previously familiar with, and I hope everyone else will, too.

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